A view of Percy Terrace from a late 1800s painting.
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Monkseaton Village has a long and historical past, but, although information is available and accessible, it seems that, until now, very little has been written about it.

The idea for this website came from Charlie Steel, a local historian and writer. Charlie is involved with many elements of local history, and writes a feature each month for the 'Roundabout Monkseaton' magazine, which is delivered free to most homes in the Monkseaton area towards the end of each month. Selected features from the Roundabout Monkseaton magazine are also published on this website.

A sense of nostalgia will be triggered for those who remember the Monkseaton and surrounding area "as it was", and, for the younger generation, it will hopefully illustrate a different perspective of "what used to be".

Old photographs and pictures of Monkseaton are scarce. The images used on this site span a period of over 100 years, many of which have been drawn from public and private collections. More fascinating images and historical information can be found in Charlie's books, Monkseaton Village Volumes 1 and 2, published by Summerhill Books.

The Home Page of this website is illustrated with a beautiful watercolour painting of old Monkseaton, showing how the village would have looked during the very early 1800s.

The view looks west up Front Street from the junction of Coronation Crescent, and Monkseaton Brewery is visible to the right with the gable end of Monkseaton House behind the tree. (At this time, Front Street was just a narrow field path with a wall and a gate at each end.)

The gates were removed around 1845 and the road was laid out to become the main route through the village. Although the view dates to the early 1800s, the picture was not painted until 1887 by a local artist called Edith F. Grey, a resident of Monkseaton at the time.

Red House Farm c.1930, taken from an old water colour painting.
If you have any old photographs of Monkseaton or the surrounding areas that you would like to share or see included on this website, please contact Charlie at charlie@monkseaton.info

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